| Using video games based on Neuropsychology alongside analyses of video and speech to make smart mental health assessments.

Depression is on the rise, but assessing it involves outdated, subjective questionnaires that produce inaccurate results. Finding the right treatment is based on trial & error and takes years. With our online platform, clinicians can assess depression faster, more accurately and objectively. 

We use video games based on Neuropsychology alongside AI-driven analyses of video & speech to find the right treatment in weeks. Every single psychiatrist we have spoken to wants to use our product & in October we start pilots to gather data from over 5,000 appointments, potentially growing to more than 100,000 in 2021.

Dr Emilia Molimpakis (left) and Dr Stefano Goria (right)

Dr Emilia Molimpakis (left) and Dr Stefano Goria (right)

Dr Emilia Molimpakis, CEO and co-founder

Emilia is a domain expert in the field, having completed her PhD & post-doc at UCL in Linguistics, Neuroscience & Psychology. She spent over 11 years working with healthy & patient populations using language as a biomarker for their cognition, with fewer than 10 people in the world doing exactly what she does.

Dr Stefano Goria, CTO and co-founder

Stefano is an expert in AI implementation with a PhD in Theoretical Physics & over 8 years of experience working as a quantitative analyst in large banks. There he developed the same machine learning algorithms Thymia are using, and is uniquely positioned to construct the platform & analyse our multimodal dataset.