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Better Dairy

| Building the future of food, starting with animal-free dairy.

Better Dairy

Dairy farming is hugely unsustainable. It’s a leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and a majorly inefficient use of resources. Plant-based alternatives also aren’t good enough. They are inferior in terms of flavour and nutrition and have limited usability as food ingredients.

Better Dairy uses synthetic biology and yeast fermentation to produce dairy products following a similar process to brewing beer. Our products, molecularly identical to traditional dairy, seamlessly plug in to existing recipes and supply chains. We have taken to the lab and already produced our first results.

Meet The Founders


Jevan has over nine years experience across banking and tech. This includes executing retail partnerships at Rocket Internet, building European ops for and founding a previous start-up (raised pre-seed and revenue generating). He holds a Mathematics BSc (1st Class honours) from Imperial College.


Christopher has 11 years experience in academia, research and consulting. He completed a bioinformatics PhD and a synthetic biology postdoctorate at Imperial College. He has led projects to optimise protein expression in cells, directly relevant to our technology stack, and has published nine papers.