Europe 13 Demo Day


| Bleep lets you create and remix your favourite TV Shows, for and on, the channels we all know and love.


Bleep is a social entertainment app that has secured $30B in TV network IP for its users. We enable you to recreate and re-mix your favourite TV shows for channels we all know and love. Our vision: become the mobile TV network for Gen Z.

Traditional TV is dying, trapped in declining ad revenue and content investment, while social video thrives. In 2008 internet ad revenues passed TV for the 1st time. Our cure? User Generated TV. We unbundle and track IP for users, TV brands and advertisers to co-produce hyper-local content.

It’s like “a SkyTV pack for GenZ: same channels, but free; hyper-local”.

Meet The Founders


Launched over 10 multi-million dollar media business as Viacom’s youngest EMEA executive. As Head of Strategy, Distribution, Digital and Research, he doubled Viacom Africa’s Operating Income in 2 years; launched TV channels across 48 countries, including MTV Nigeria, BET Africa, and MTV South Africa.


Dedicated nine years to designing, building and deploying scalable asset-settlement systems as VP of Engineering at Goldman Sachs. Consumer advantage? She built Marcus by Goldman. And now she’s translating Asset Settlement Tech to media IP in order to unlock TV content ‘remix’ for GenZ and Ad clients.