Europe 13 Demo Day


| Blendeez helps business users make CRM external and internal apps work together at scale with no technical skills.


Over the last 20 years, while the rise of SaaS gave more capabilities to business users, it also created a challenge from a connectivity perspective. According to Forrester, the number of SaaS vendors will reach 1M in 2027, 10 times today’s number, making the challenge stronger.

Blendeez provides a low code orchestration platform where business users create business logic and workflow connecting internal and external apps.

Blendeez secured several paid POCs with clients, partnerships with software vendors and is backed by a top team of advisors with decades of experience in software.

Meet The Founders


Amine holds a strong entrepreneurial background combined with a decade of experience in business administration (LVMH, L’Oréal, Salesforce…). In particular, he scaled HR, Operation and Sales teams. Prior to joining EF, he was managing Salesforce Business Development Department, Growth Market.


Jean-Philippe has been a web developer for more than a decade and has started four companies. He had the opportunity to work in startups, medium, and big companies, overcoming lots of integration issues. Prior to joining EF, he was managing a team of developers within IBM.