Europe 13 Demo Day


| Building the infrastructure for chemistry.


Cost/time efficiency and reproducibility are chemistry’s top two problems which affect up to 90% of all chemistry globally and waste up to 80% of R&D resource.

We are building an automation solution for the chemical laboratory which will quadruple the world’s manufacture and R&D capability. Our mission is to build the infrastructure for chemistry and make science more efficient and robust.

We have co-led chemistry with engineering projects for five years and have previously built a chemical automation solution which was published in Science. We also have a PoC and commercial pilots.

Meet The Founders


Anna is a chemical methodologist specialising in solving science problems. She holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge and with 10+ years of lab experience, she understands the workflow and problems of the customer. She has four years of start-up experience as a first hire.


Stefan is the Jack of all trades. He holds a PhD in Material Science from the Max Planck Institute and has worked as a software and hardware engineer in various positions. He has six years of leading mechanical engineering experience, including three years as principal development engineer in a start-up.