Europe 13 Demo Day


| We enable online shops and their consumers to balance their carbon footprint.


Evidence of climate change is clear, yet CO2 emissions keep rising. Brands are now committing to tackle climate change to meet their consumers’ demand for climate conscious business. Contributing to carbon reduction projects is complex, costly and outside their core competency.

Our solution is an e-commerce module that allows consumers to contribute to carbon reduction projects at checkout.

We have built an « API-first » designed product, and an integration for Shopify, the fastest growing e-commerce platform.

In three months, we have already signed four paid contracts, with two live customers.

Meet The Founders


Ahmad has five years experience in B2B sales, from the rollout of Dassault Systèmes’ go-to-market strategy to the development of a consulting company’s business unit. The last two years he was sales manager at Criteo. He brings his performance-driven mindset to make sustainability as a service happen.


Guillaume is a computer-science and AI engineer. After graduating from Ecole Centrale Paris, and during the last 10 years, he founded three start-ups in online media and ad-tech. He brings his data-driven mindset to deliver scalable solutions in the fight against climate change.