Europe 13 Demo Day


| Deeplife creates digital twins of cell to accelerate drug discovery.


Developing a new drug today takes 15 years and $2B which is a massive public health issue especially when an outbreak occurs.

At Deeplife we use deep learning to create digital twins of cells and predict, in silico, cells reaction to drugs, gene editing or environmental perturbations. With our proprietary technology we save up to 4 years for the identification of molecular triggers driving cells from a sick state to a healthy state.

We want to shape the future of bio-engineering, starting today with the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.

Meet The Founders


Jonathan, CEO of Deeplife, brings an extensive experience of managing international teams and multi-M$ budgets, with more than seven years spent in the aeronautics & defense industry at Safran. He is a 2nd time founder and holds an MSc in complex systems simulation from Ecole Centrale de Paris.


Jean-Baptiste, CTO of Deeplife, hold two MSc and a PhD in machine learning applied to genetics from Sorbonne University. As a pioneer in deep learning to decode sequencing data, he developed a unique approach to model biological systems integrating +2M proprietary data sets.