Europe 13 Demo Day

Elementzero Biolabs

| The next generation of tools for capturing genetic information.

Elementzero Biolabs

The new trends in medicine have one thing in common: the quest for a full understanding of genetics. The 24B EUR market of tools for genetic analysis still lacks solutions for exploring difficult genetic targets.

Our special reagents provide access to novel genetic targets while reducing the analysis time of biological samples by 100x, with 1000x higher efficiency than any other solution in the market.

We have been working with two leading research labs and are currently developing use cases for our technology to tackle Covid-19 crisis.

Meet The Founders


John is an engineer by training who has spent the last 11 years launching products across the world. John has led multidisciplinary teams, covering Product, Operations and Marketing & Sales. Most recently, he set up and scaled 20+ people team at Wunder Mobility responsible for generating new revenue streams.


Karol holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Max Delbrück Center and the Free University of Berlin. Karol has over 10 years of experience in RNA research whilst working for some of the world’s leading academic labs, most recently developing novel solutions for genetic analysis.