Europe 13 Demo Day


| Fast discovery of safer immunotherapies.


Immunotherapies leverage our own immune system to fight cancer cells and represent the cutting-edge of cancer therapy, but they can also cause toxic side-effects and patient deaths.

By integrating biophysics and cell biology, Exogene’s proprietary machine learning technology enables fast discovery of safer immunotherapies, at scale.

Our technology already outperforms the state-of-the-art, and we’re setting up pilots with the top European immunotherapy company and three academic institutions to validate and expand it.

Meet The Founders


Federico is an award-winning Oxford Computational Oncology PhD whose doctoral research was featured on the cover of the EMBO Journal, a leading molecular biology journal. He previously worked at the World Health Organization where he spearheaded the assessment of novel cancer prevention strategies.


Andrea is an award-winning Computer Science PhD. As a data scientist, he developed bio-inspired algorithms for the European Space Agency to send space probes to Jupiter, scaled the machine learning team of to acquisition, and revolutionised the marketing strategy of Vodafone using deep learning.