Europe 13 Demo Day


| EyePick builds a brain for robots to see, understand and act in the real-world.


Automation works best for highly standard and high-volume processes. Hence, manual workers are still needed today in underserved industries with a high diversity of objects or small batches. However, finding labour for repetitive, physically-intensive tasks is hard and turn-over is skyrocketing.

We provide robotic workers as a service. Powered by EyePick, these robots are aware of their environments and can autonomously perform tasks as any trained human in unstructured environments.

We signed three paid pilots worth over 150k€, and successfully deployed our first beta-prototype on a production site.

Meet The Founders


Mehdi deployed autonomous museum guides in three countries before graduating from Mines. He was in charge of automating pick & place ops in a leading logistics company, tech lead at a football startup to develop real-time analysis of players through AI, and a machine learning lecturer at Polytechnique.