Europe 13 Demo Day


| Low code, complete Machine Learning platform.


We are accelerating and simplifying adoption of Machine Learning in all industries. Existing tools and infrastructure are slow and difficult to set up. Some of the world’s smartest engineers and researchers spend more time on preparing tools than the real higher-value tasks.

By relying on proprietary static code analysis, our platform requires only one line of code to set up the full ML workflow, tooling, and infrastructure.

Meet The Founders


Grzegorz is a university dropout who has been coding since the age of seven. He has over eight years of industry experience and has managed and led software teams since the age of 21, including a nine-person team at Commerzbank, responsible for architecting systems used by millions of users.


With over 10 years of industry experience, Eddy was the first technical hire and the CTO at Sennder, a Berlin-based, Series C logistics start-up, as well as the CTO at ucair, a recently acquired AI drone start-up.