Europe 13 Demo Day


| Lynceus is building the world’s most reliable manufacturing quality prediction software.


Quality defects plague factories’ P&Ls.

Manufacturers cannot anticipate them and are limited to damage control, costing them 20% of their revenue.

Lynceus predicts in real time the result of quality tests, for each unit processed. Our unique tech relies on both Deep and Transfer Learning, allowing us to support sparse production data.

We deploy the power of neural networks on problems hitherto inaccessible to ML, reaching 10x the reliability of existing solutions. We kicked-off 4 PoCs with semiconductor manufacturers, reached unseen accuracy on production data and converted our first customer.

Meet The Founders


David brings in operational experience and drive acquired in the world’s most ambitious and fast-paced mobility start-ups, having defined, launched and scaled processes supporting millions of rides at Uber and Circ. As a former LEK consultant, he dealt with C-levels from blue-chip industrial firms.


Guglielmo has a decade experience researching the most advanced AI techniques, specialising in Deep and Transfer Learning in both his PhD and PostDoc. He invented a Transfer Learning architecture re-used by Google Deepmind, and also launched an AI-powered process automation solution.