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Ochre Bio

| Gene therapies to treat donor livers outside of the body.

Ochre Bio

Ochre Bio is developing gene therapies that improve liver metabolism outside of the body. Half of discarded donor livers are discarded because they’re too fatty (a little like their original owners). By treating these organs before they are transplanted we are increasing the pool of donor livers and saving lives.

Ochre Bio is born out of 15 years biopharma liver genomics experience, with a unique R&D pipeline that allows us to move rapidly from target discovery to testing therapies in discarded whole human livers.

Meet The Founders


Jack has a background in bringing life science and health technologies to market. His career began in the lab, however, frustrated by a lack of clinical impact he moved to commercial roles. Most recently, he helped get the first blockbuster gene therapy to market, and its start-up acquired for ~$9B.


Quin is an MD with further degrees in genetics, mathematics, computational biology, and a PhD in systems genomics from Oxford & Cambridge Universities. Quin founded his first liver genomics company 15 years ago and recently headed liver genomics for the world’s largest metabolic biopharma.

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