Europe 13 Demo Day


| We take away the pain of operating global teams. Our clients can onboard employees anywhere in the world with a few mouse clicks.


Remote work is exploding, but employing people is a huge challenge for globally distributed companies. It’s prohibitively expensive, slow and complex to set up local entities to employ staff.

We’re centralising this complexity, building a global network of entities to employ our clients’ team members for them. Our software platform allows our customers to onboard staff anywhere in the world within minutes.

We’re already revenue generating and are operational across two continents. In the future globally distributed teams will be the norm and talent will be onboarded worldwide on the Omnipresent platform.

Meet The Founders


Matthew studied Theoretical Physics in Oxford, graduating in the top 5%. He then worked as a software engineer and product manager. At 23, Matt turned down a full MBA scholarship to co-found a SaaS company where he led on Product, Tech and Ops and raised ~£1.3m.


Guenther holds three Master’s Degrees and a PhD. He served for the Austrian Special Forces, rising to Major leading combat units in Afghanistan and Africa. He then worked in international crisis management and started a company developing software to enable organisations to operate in complex environments worldwide.