Europe 13 Demo Day


| Building next generation video search using Computer Vision.


80% of the internet is videos. Machines are not yet able to perceive videos the way humans do. As companies produce more content than ever before, they struggle to understand the complex information in their videos. Their current processes are manual, expensive, and unscalable.

At Verchable, we make videos intelligent. Our proprietary AI runs 150x faster than real-time, using low computation. We attribute contextual metadata to videos, enabling companies to search, analyse and commercialise their video libraries at scale. Currently, we are developing pilots with three major media organizations to contextually understand their videos.

Meet The Founders


Abhi ran partnerships and operations at Dubsmash, a video social network with over 200M users. He has extensive experience scaling early stage start-ups in San Francisco, Berlin, and India. He recently finished his MBA at University of Cambridge, and also holds a BS in Business from UC Berkeley.


Deniz was a leading Computer Vision research scientist at Aselsan, one of Europe’s biggest defense companies, where she was working on a $1B surveillance project. She’s built one of the world’s fastest Multiple Object Tracking algorithms running at 4000 fps, that forms the basis of Verchable’s technology.