Europe 13 Demo Day

X80 Security

| Generating intelligent cyber defences through automatic threat simulation.

X80 Security

Today there are $5.2T dollars worth of value at risk of cyber attacks, ranging from digital assets to physical and financial assets – with a combined $500B in losses in 2019 alone.

Current Defences heavily rely on manual labour and require constant updates while Cyber Criminals increasingly use automated tools to breach their targets.

At X80, we automatically generate new defences by anticipating future threats in a simulation environment. Our solution uniquely combines accuracy and speed – making it adapted to any platform, even IoT devices and high bandwidth servers.

Meet The Founders


Simon is a tech entrepreneur who founded two companies. He worked for the Swiss Army Cyber Security department where he discovered a security vulnerability that affected more than 5 million servers worldwide. Simon invented a cryptographic protocol presented at the National Bureau of Economics.


Edoardo is a mathematician and machine learning specialist. At only 19 he published a paper for which he built a simulation environment. He worked on Anomaly Detection, developed the Assistance and Object detection framework at Shift Technology and founded the largest Julia machine learning library.