Asia 7| Industrial hydrogen purification and recovery at refineries and plants


Over US$15 billlon worth of hydrogen is lost every year when hydrogen is separated from other gases at industrial plants and refineries because the gas is considered “too hard to recover” due to the heat and contaminants involved.

DiviGas’s new membrane is a nano-molecular filter that can recycle this lost gas and therefore bring billions in savings. Also, since it takes about 9 tons of carbon dioxide to make 1 ton of hydrogen, DiviGas can sustainably avoid the production of over 100 million tons of carbon dioxide per year in the process.

Meet the Founders


Andre is a serial entrepreneur who led his previous B2B startup to post Series B, millions in revenue booked and outcompeted tech giants such as Intel. He has raised over US$15 million previously, was awarded ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’. Andre has experience across a variety of sectors and brings endless energy and versatility to DiviGas.


Ali has a PhD from NUS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering focused on membranes for gas separation and organic solvent nanofiltration. He has a background in polymers, including microstructural modification, rheology, structure-property and synthesizing. Ali has published 11 journal papers, five conference papers, and owns one patent.

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