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For all Future Leaders hoping to have a positive global impact one day, an incredible drive will be crucial to increase the likelihood of success in your journey. Many of our best founders have demonstrated a strong bias to action and have an impressive track record of striving to achieve difficult things that stand them out from their peers.

For this award, nominees are expected to demonstrate their Drive To Achieve through endeavours that do not involve founding a company.

We want you to tell us more about a specific example where you have demonstrated your Drive To Achieve. Tell us about the significant barriers you have had to persist through to achieve this? What odds were stacked against you in doing so? Have you exceeded your own expectations of what you could achieve, or have you come close to meeting lofty ambitions you set for yourself? Please refer to our selection criteria before submitting your nomination.

The Top 5 nominations for this prize will be invited to our awards ceremony, with the Drive To Achieve Future Leader winning a £1000 cash prize.

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