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Episode 8: Talking Sustainable Energy

It's clear that business as usual is not good enough to tackle climate change. Andre Lorenceau, co-founder and CEO of Divigas, and Leon Farrant who holds the same position at Green Li-ion explore how their technology is driving the change we need for a sustainable future.

Episode 7: Making the Internet safer with AI

Sasha Haco shares her journey to founding AI-powered internet safety software Unitary - from researching black holes in space, to black holes in content moderation.

Episode 6: Engineering the future of reproductive health

Reproductive healthcare has been under-researched and underinvested in. Hana Janebdar, co-founder and CEO of Juno Bio, and Alexandra Boussommier, co-founder and CEO at ImVitro, explore how they're using cutting-edge technology to challenge the status quo.

Episode 5: Biomanufacturing for Tomorrow

We stand on the cusp of a bioindustrial revolution. Two founders on an ambitious mission to power it - Peyman Salehian of Allozymes and Grant Aarons of FabricNano - share their stories, and how their companies are driving sustainability in biomanufacturing.

Episode 4: Artificial Intelligence in Music

Hazel Savage, the founder of AI-powered music platform Musiio, shares how she's driving change in a fragmented industry, and her advice for founders aspiring to build in the creative sector.
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