Energy Lite

Asia 6| We are building the largest virtual power plant for renewable energy.

Energy Lite

Climate change is real and one way to fight this is to go into green energy. But did you know that solar energy is messing up our power grid? This results in sudden power outages or a massive increase in electricity prices.

At Energy Lite we solve this problem by creating a Virtual Power Plant that aggregates rooftop solar PVs and guarantees its energy output to the power grid. We make money by managing existing and new solar PVs.

We are the fastest-growing clean energy producer with 97 MWp in management in three months. We are also currently working with the biggest power utility in the Philippines.

Meet The Founders

Michael worked in the power utility for 5 years. He started his energy
company and sold his part to SMC Global Power, one of the leading power generators in Asia. Later on, he worked on numerous renewable energy projects while learning the latest innovations in the power industry. Ask him anything about power utility. He knows it.

Tseng Chong completed his MSc at Nanyang Technological University and has a powerful combination of both software and hardware development. He has a decade of experience in hardware deployment including his stints in A*STAR and multinational corporations. Ask him anything about software and hardware. He knows it.

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