Fail Forwards - Facebook hosts COI and Entrepreneur First

Tue, August 13, 2019
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM BST

Facebook London
1 Rathbone Square


‘No, really. Tell me a time when you failed?’

Why do we find it so hard to acknowledge failure? When the stakes are high and you really care about the outcome, it’s one of the hardest things to do. Even when we do fail, it can sometimes feel beyond us to bounce back.

This summer, we’re bringing together three speakers who failed hard before getting to where they are now. They’ll share their stories, what happened and how they deal with failure now. No frills, no buzz words, no dodging the topic.

We’ll be joined by Yassir Al-Refaie, the co-founder and CEO of Seyo. More sectors are being brought online and automated, forcing a lot of critical infrastructure to depend on time-based systems and connectivity. What if either fails? Even micro latencies and outages will be catastrophic. Seyo enables any machine to cooperate autonomously without clocks or the internet. Seyo safely arbitrates tasks offline, whilst being more computationally efficient and robust than traditional GPS/LTE based systems. Seyo’s first application is in the mining industry, helping companies to reduce accidents. Mining accounts for 8% of global fatalities, with payouts of $30bn in North America alone. Before joining EF and launching Seyo, Yassir completed an MSc in IC Design from Hong Kong and built distributed Central Processing Units. He moved to Tokyo to become the youngest department lead in IREP Co’s history, launching businesses in China and Asia, running a $1.2m annual budget and reporting to the CEO of Japan’s largest digital agency.

We’ll also hear from Stacy-Ann Sinclair, the co-founder and CTO of CodeReg. CodeReg makes regulatory change in finance as simple as a software update. Financial institutions face a mountain of regulation. Manual processes can’t handle the complex, interwoven and shifting rules, exposing firms to massive fines and costing billions to change systems in response. CodeReg’s compliance engine automatically verifies and monitors financial compliance,providing real-time compliance insight and flagging any potential breaches before it’s too late. Stacy-Ann spent a decade building high-frequency trading systems and globally scalable data infrastructure for three tier one investment banks. As a VP at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, she led development of a unified platform for MiFID II compliance. She joined EF in 2018.

Finally, we’ll hear from, and have a live coaching session with Lucy Funnell.Lucy believes her role in life is to enable people to be even more brilliant than they already are: through coaching, thought partnership and training. As the People & Product Director at People Untapped she is able to do this both personally and through a global associate network . She spent her formative business years working for The Body Shop Int, which inspired in her a fascination for entrepreneurial founders. As a coach she is known to support and challenge in equal measure – ensuring the individuals she works with meet their full potential, each one achieving measurable performance improvement. She believes it is important that she is learning and growing at the same rate as the people she coaches; constantly learning new methods to bring about change in the people she works with, whether that be through a new team coaching approach, the latest neuroscience research, or simply sharing her learning from one founder / business across to another. And alongside of that she is progressing through the instructor levels for skiing, yoga and downhill mountain biking!

We hope you’ll join us at Facebook’s London office for an evening of inspiring talks, followed by a live coaching session unpicking failure.

This event is hosted by Facebook in collaboration with the Circle of Intrapreneurs and Entrepeneur First. Refreshments will be provided.

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