Asia 6| Automated copyright recognition and royalties processing solution.


Due to incomplete copyright database and the limitations of existing technology, 25% of royalties from digital music platform is unpaid or paid to the wrong artists and creators. For payments identified, intermediaries are taking up to 52% commission for royalties processing.

Powered by our proprietary AI Audio Fingerprint, Fairphonic identifies both the artists and creators behind each music, tracks the music usage and empowers platforms to issue direct payment to the right artists and creators.

Fairphonic has onboarded 3 music platforms and are currently in advanced talks with major music companies controlling 70% of the music market.

Meet The Founders

Heng Yang has been in the music industry for 13 years with key expertise in music licensing, audio engineering and creative production. Having previously founded a music distribution startup in South Korea and concert production company in Singapore, he has extensive experience working with artists and industry professionals of all scales across multiple disciplines.

Majdi has received two Masters in Applied Probability and Statistics from ENSTA Paris and National University of Singapore. With key expertise in data modelling and machine learning, he has previously developed and deployed Derivatives Compression tool for the fintech industry, namely with Capitalab.

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