Of course, some people – because of background or personal circumstances – will have had far less opportunity to achieve great things than others. That’s why we look for evidence that you have exceptional abilities and behaviours, relative to your peers.

We want to know, can you succeed in big ways, if you were given the right resources and opportunities? 

We’re all about backing individuals with impressive potential.

Takes 1-2 Hours

Writing your application will take 1-2 hours.


Around 30% of applicants are invited to interview with our team.

Our interviews are focused on your proudest accomplishments, and your competitive advantage as an individual. 

Our selection criteria

What makes a great founder?

We’ve learned to recognise world class founder potential before anyone else.

We’ve found that there are certain characteristics that make you more likely to succeed with EF’s platform.

We have refined this knowledge into a set of selection criteria, which we strongly recommend your read before applying. This should help you gain a better understanding of what we’re looking for, and decide what to focus on in your application.

What does EF look for?
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