Asia 7| AI-powered enterprise SaaS extracting business insights from contracts and other unstructured documents to support better management decisions


Businesses leak close to 10% in top-line value every year due to poor visibility over internal data, particularly in finance and operations.

inPact processes contracts, invoices and other unstructured documents, using AI to extract and analyze complex commercial terms and provide companies the missing insights needed to plug the value leak.

In a few months, inPact has built a growing clause database and trained NLP models that beat leading contract management software on contract term detection, launched an Alpha version with early adopters, and signed two pilots for working capital optimisation and vendor management.

Meet the Founders


After graduating from Columbia Law at 21, Jose became a corporate lawyer at global law firm Linklaters in London. Following an MBA at INSEAD, he joined the Boston Consulting Group leading Strategy & Ops transformations at Asian banks as a project leader. He then worked as a business development director at Oracle Cloud.


Dr Siddhartha has a PhD in Computer Science with 10 years of experience working in multiple R&D teams for institutions such as Imperial College London, NTU Singapore, and the University of Sydney. He has extensive experience in various machine learning domains, and in particular, Natural Language Processing (NLP).


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