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Entrepreneur First is the world's leading company builder. We invest in top technical individuals to help them build world-class deep technology startups from scratch in London and Singapore. 

Since 2011, we’ve created more than 100 startups worth over $500m including Magic Pony Technology, Tractable, StackHut, Pi-Top, OpenCosmos, Status Today and Cloud NC. 

They’ve been funded by some of the most prestigious investors in the world including Balderton, Index, Notion, Octopus, Episode 1, Connect, Local Globe, Passion, and Hoxton.

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EFAST (Entrepreneur First Advanced Subscription Template) is an open source template for UK seed investments that mimics a convertible note instrument but is compatible with SEIS relief.

Entrepreneur First, in collaboration with Cameron Cunningham and JAG Shaw Baker, is making the Entrepreneur First Advanced Subscription Template available as an open source document. You can download it here. Before using it, please read the FAQs and in particular the disclaimer within carefully.

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