Exceptional people should not get jobs.

Top students in India are often told that the most prestigious career path after graduation is to find a job in consulting, banking, or at a tech company.

Entrepreneur First India is paying a small number of exceptional Indian students and graduates to turn down their corporate job offers, form a community, and build startups together. They’ll receive access to the world’s best mentors and advisors; the opportunity to pitch for pre-seed investment; and introductions to our network of investors and founders. Over nine months, they’ll have the opportunity to go from student to startup founder.

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Entrepreneur First in India

India boasts of some of the world’s top talent, universities and tech startups. We welcomed our first Indian cohort in Bangalore in 2019, and have since funded groundbreaking companies with the potential for global impact.

Building across a wide range of sectors, our India portfolio includes gamified investment and personal finance platform Fello, who have a user base of over 500,000 people and raised US$4M in their latest funding round, and Retail Pulse, who are using computer vision to provide real-time display analytics, connecting businesses to millions of mom and pop stores.


Entrepreneur First on Your Campus

  • IIT Kharagpur: Entrepreneur First Graduate Event – Register for an invite
  • IIT Kharagpur: Meet a Talent Investor – Registration coming soon
  • IIT Bombay: Meet a Talent Investor – Registration coming soon

Why build in Bangalore?

India has an extraordinary talent pool. Much of Silicon Valley  is run by entrepreneurs and executives who started life in India. And increasingly founders no longer believe they have to leave India to have an extraordinary impact: it’s clear that you can build globally competitive technology companies in India.

Our job is to accelerate this trend tenfold. We believe that a disproportionate share of the next decade’s deep tech giants will be built in India and we want to play a major role in making that happen.

“One key problem has been finding an ideal co-founder who has the same passion, and having mentors who can guide you through the entrepreneurial journey so you won't repeat the same mistakes.

Both these problems are solved by Entrepreneur First.”
Our Community

A community of ambitious future founders, hand-selected by our team.

Founders have left leading institutions and impressive jobs to join our platform.

From a wide variety of backgrounds, they all share a commitment to building innovative startups now. These are the challengers; the driven; the leaders; the ones with the potential to found globally important companies.

Meet our Bangalore community
“I remember being overwhelmed at the kick-off weekend, thinking how do I put myself out there. But most people are capable of so much more than they think, and now I run my own company with a co-founder who I wouldn’t have even met if it weren’t for EF.”