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Mixing creative energy, a growing technical talent base and great investors, Berlin has become a thriving startup ecosystem.

The startups built by EF Berlin cohorts span a wide range of technologies and industries, including automotives, manufacturing, logistic SaaS, Fintech and Insurtech.

Our Network

On our Berlin programme, you’ll be introduced to a pool of talented people all of whom are looking for a co-founder to build a company with.

We’ll introduce you to people like Rocio, who has a PhD in human genetics and experience in genomics, and Mark, a former NASA engineer.

Meet our Berlin community
“If you also have the ambition to build an impactful technology-driven venture from scratch, EF is the perfect environment to find a co-founder and start it.”
Our team

In-house expertise to support you to build your company from the ground up.

Our Berlin team bring experience as investors, consultants and advisors to help you and your co-founder to maximise your impact.

Berlin FAQs

Do I need to be able to speak a particular language?

The programme is run in English, and English is the common language used by participants amongst each other. Therefore, you will need to be comfortable speaking and working in English.

You therefore do not need to be able to speak German in order to take part – however, it’s always helpful to have some proficiency as you’ll be living and working in Berlin for the duration of the programme and likely beyond if you launch your company here.

Can I take part if I don't currently have the right to work in Germany?

Unfortunately we will only accept candidates for our programme that hold the right to work and/or run a company in Germany.

If you do not have the right to work in any of the countries Entrepreneur First operates in, some of our other locations are able to support successful applicants to apply for a visa in order to take part. Please see our visa information to find out more.

Do I need to stay in Berlin?

No, though many companies choose to stay in Berlin. For any company the most important thing is to be close to its customers and sometimes this means relocating to where these customers are. We have companies based in the US, South Africa, Netherlands and China as well as many other locations.

How does financial support during Form work in Berlin?

Entrepreneur First funds you as an individual from Day 1, and if you form a company, we are your first investor. To start, we will pay you €2,000 a month for 3 months during Form. If you leave Entrepreneur First at the end of Form or Launch the stipend is yours to keep.

How does investment during Launch work?

If your company is offered a place on Launch we invest 90,000 euros in Berlin in return for a 10% equity stake in your company. We also commit to invest in your seed round where our local fund structures permit – so your future investors know we’re “all in” on you.