Whether you are a crypto native or looking to take the leap, DeFiND is an intensive three day period of team building, ideation, and collaboration in person, in London.

FiND your calling and join a community of like-minded individuals who are curious about building something from scratch in web3.

Ideate πŸ’‘, collaborate 🀝, and BUILD πŸš€.

No commitment. And it’s free.

DeFiND is part of Entrepreneur First. We’ve produced companies collectively worth more than US$10B, including Aztec, Voltz and Gensyn.

Brought to you by Entrepreneur First, in partnership with Tezos

We've invested pre-team, pre-idea, in the founders of some of Europe's fastest growing web3 companies.

What is DeFiND?

DeFiND is an intensive period of team building, ideation, and collaboration in person, in London.

1. Prepare

Our online learning platform will open the week before the bootcamp so that you can start to develop your founder mindset, and collect the frameworks you’ll need for the bootcamp.

2. Meet like-minded individuals

On kick-off day you will get to meet your carefully selected cohort, which will be full of smart people like you, who are all equally as curious about building something big in web3.

3. Find your edge

Using our frameworks, you will define your edge – the skills or knowledge that set you apart – and learn to apply them to solving important problems across the web3 ecosystem.

4. Ideate

Work with other cohort members to build solutions to big problems. Our team of expert, crypto native advisors will be on hand to guide you through the idea maze to test your ideas.

5. To the moon.

By the end of the boot camp, you will have an idea of whether you have what it takes to become a web3 founder, and a game plan to move forward.

You can pitch for investment, apply to the Entrepreneur First programme, or, if you find that founding isn’t for you right now, stay up to date with our community in Discord.

Who is DeFiND for?

It’s for people who have an β€œitch” to scratch. Those who have something to prove. It is an opportunity to test whether founding a web3 company will scratch this itch.

DeFiND is perfect for you if you are graduating this year or have been working for a couple of years. You might already be crypto-native, or be looking to apply other areas of expertise to solve problems in this rapidly growing ecosystem.

You do not need to be ready to found now but you should be open to building a web3 startup within the next year.

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