FIND is a two-day event for exceptional women and non-binary people to network and explore whether their next move should be to found a startup.

You’ll be introduced to EF’s startup building methodologies, practise them for yourself, and expand your personal network as you experience life as a founder at an accelerated pace.

The next FIND will take place in Paris from the evening of Thursday 22nd June through Saturday 24th June.

Applications are now closed, however register above to be notified of the next FIND in Paris. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Prepare

Our online learning platform will open the week before FIND so that you can start to develop your founder mindset, and collect the frameworks you’ll need throughout the weekend.

2. Meet like-minded individuals

On Thursday evening you’ll come together with a room full of smart people like you, who are all equally as curious about building something big.

3. Find your edge

Using our frameworks, you will define your edge – the skills or knowledge that set you apart – and learn to apply them to solving important problems in industries from healthcare to climate change, web3 to finance.

4. Ideate

Work together to build solutions to big problems. Our team of expert advisors will be on hand to guide you through the idea maze to test your ideas.

5. To be continued...

By the end of the weekend, you will have an idea of whether you have what it takes to become a founder, and a game plan to move forward. You can pitch for investment, apply to the Entrepreneur First programme, or, if you find that founding isn’t for you right now, stay up to date with our community.

Who is FIND for?

This edition of FIND is targeted to women and non-binary identifying individuals with up to six years of experience.

You are ambitious, and curious to see where that ambition could take you.

You have an interest in solving hard problems, and want to make an impact with your career.

You don’t need to be ready to found a company now – but you should be interested in exploring the idea.