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Terms of our investment

If you are successful at the Investment Committee, at the start of Launch, we will make our first investment in your company. We invest S$75,000, along with the stipends paid in the first part of the programme, for 10% of your company.

At the end of 6 months, we will make an investment in the best performing companies as determined by the Investment Committee of S$700,000 for 10% of your company.


Your venture partner

Every team in Launch is allocated their own Venture Partner.

Our VPs are successful entrepreneurs who have scaled and sold tech companies for hundreds of millions of dollars. They’ll push you to grow your business, and offer expert advice on product, customers and investment.

You’ll also have a dedicated member of our Launch team who will be responsible for making sure you get the full benefit of the experience, expertise and resources we offer.

Raising funds

Pitch to the world's best investors

We are uniquely positioned to introduce you to some of the world’s top early stage investors, helping you to set the groundwork to establish partnerships on better terms.

Based on the traction and progress you’ve achieved, we’ll bring the right investors to you and help you to streamline your fundraising process.

Launching your company FAQs

Can I use the investment to pay myself?

Yes – most cohort members use the pre-seed funding from Entrepreneur First to cover their costs of living.

How often do I see a Venture Partner (VP)?

On our Launch platform you will have a VP check in once a week. Prior to that, on our Form platform, you’ll have a check in weekly with someone from the Form team or an Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR). These check ins are a critical part of your development throughout Entrepreneur First.

Who owns my IP?

The company you create does. Entrepreneur First does not own any IP that belongs to your company, and does not take a proportion of your profits. If you have further questions about IP or a current project you’re working on please contact us at [email protected]

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