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Toronto boasts some of the world’s leading universities and technical talent, making it one of the most exciting places in the world to meet a co-founder and begin a business.

How Entrepreneur First Toronto works
Our Community

Our cohorts bring together diverse expertise from across technology and business.

Founders have joined us from leading institutions including Mila Technical Institute, Alberta Machine Learning Institute and University of Toronto, and left impressive jobs at Google, Facebook and Huawei (to name a few).

Despite their varied backgrounds, they all share one thing in common; the ambition to build a game-changing tech company right now.

Toronto Team

Our Entrepreneur First Toronto team brings together start-up and entrepreneurial expertise from across Canada.

By joining the Toronto programme, you’ll benefit from the advice of Venture Partners like Milad, a scientist, serial entrepreneur and early stage investor, and Alex, an experienced consultant and operator with multiple exits under his belt. You’ll also be supported by expert advisors and mentors, who know exactly what it takes to build a winning startup.

Why build in Toronto?

Taking the earliest ideas to global scale.

LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman shares why he’s so excited that EF has come to Toronto.

How it works

Want to know more about our 6-month platform?

Take a detailed look at how we can take you from an individual, to the founder of a seed funded company – from kick-off weekend and team building, to investment, pitching and launching your business.

How it works
Do I need to relocate to Toronto?

Yes – Entrepreneur First is based in London, Singapore, Toronto, Bangalore, Paris and Berlin (whichever is closest to you). People we select relocate to join us from all over the world. There’s no commitment to stay in any of those locations after the programme, though most of our alumni do.

We recognise that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected people’s ability to travel, and that travel restrictions to and from Canada are in place. We take this into consideration and are able to make temporary exceptions while large parts of the course are running remotely. However, we would expect you to relocate once these restrictions are lifted.

Can I get a visa to take part?

Currently, all applicants must be Canadian, have Permanent Resident Status, an Open Work Permit, or a Study Permit. If you wish to apply for our Toronto program and do not have the right to work or study in Canada, it will be your responsibility to apply for and procure a visa.

Can I do the programme and still keep my job?

No. Building a successful company requires full-time commitment from day 1 and is almost impossible to do if you’re simultaneously working on something else. We fund you in order to enable everyone to be able to focus on Entrepreneur First without the need to work elsewhere.

Do I need to stay in Toronto?

No, though many companies will choose to stay. For any company the most important thing is to be close to its customers and sometimes this means relocating to where these customers are. We have companies based in the US, South Africa, Netherlands and China as well as many other locations.