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In 2012, we launched our London programme with our first cohort - EF1. Since then, we’ve built 100 companies (including Magic Pony Technology, acquired by Twitter) who have raised from some of Europe’s best VCs and angel investors.

Our London HQ

If you join our London programme you’ll have access to our hot desking space at our HQ in Bermondsey, South London. London is one of the best places around the globe to build a technology company. 

A meeting room and communal table area in the EF offices

Why London?

Our Partners are some of Europe's top exited founders, who have built businesses worth billions. EF is backed by some of Europe’s top entrepreneurs. They are founders behind some of the world's biggest companies, including Alex Chesterman (Zoopla), Robin Klein (Index Ventures) and Simon Murdoch (Amazon).

At our Demo Day in London you’ll meet hundreds of investors, including representatives from all the leading seed investors in Europe. You can watch the videos from our previous London Demo Days here.

Not based in Europe? Join our Singapore programme.

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