Milky Way

Asia 6| AI-powered store analytics for the world’s largest physical retailers and brands.

Milky Way

Globally, shoppers face out-of-stocks once in every 5 shopping trips, costing retailers nearly $1T USD in lost sales. What is not on shelves, is not sold. Today large chain retailers know when a product arrives at the store and when they sell it. But they do not know if products are well stocked and accurately displayed on store shelves.

Our computer vision software gives them real-time shelf analytics, enabling them to optimise shelf space and enforce consistent merchandising standards to maximise sales performance.

We have pilot contracts with of 2 Fortune 100 companies and are live in 2 stores.

Meet The Founders


Eunice is an award-winning retail professional with 10 years of experience in retail and tech, having worked at Microsoft, Shell and Dunnhumby. She has helped global retailers to digitise and monetise their data and grow $200M portfolio by 30%.

Sagar is a Robotics and Computer Vision expert educated at IIT Kanpur with a PhD in Aerospace Engineering. As a researcher he has built a vision based navigation system and deep learning based autonomous emergency landing system for helicopters. He has previously co-founded a deep tech startup on natural water resource management.

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