Asia 6| Uses machine learning to provide credit scores for small and medium businesses.


13 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across developing markets struggle to access capital. Lenders in those markets struggle to lend due to the lack of business credit scoring data and infrastructure to lend efficiently.

Unlocking a potential loan capital of $8.9T USD, OPEN is a smart credit rating platform for SMEs. Using machine learning/AI, OPEN collects and analyses real-time business and financial data to help lenders expand their loan portfolio.

OPEN increases data accuracy and reduces average loan processing time from 30 days to 7 days, translating into 75% in savings. To date, OPEN has paid customers and hundreds of users.

Meet The Founders


Trained as a CFA, a management consultant and having set up companies in Hong Kong and Myanmar, Xania is familiar with financial services and emerging markets. She is also a serial entrepreneur with experience in microfinance, marketplace and AI. She also holds an INSEAD MBA.

Having written a thesis in machine learning, Sidhant has led 20 person teams to create mixed hardware and software products, from enterprise app development and IOT farming devices to Guinness world record breaking deep-learning based ocean robots. Being from India, he is deeply passionate about the emerging markets.

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