Origin Health

Asia 7| AI for clinicians performing pregnancy ultrasound scans

Origin Health

Ultrasound scans are the most commonly performed examination for the screening of birth defects. However, there’s a severe shortage of trained clinicians globally. Failing to screen reliably could put both the lives of the mother and the baby at risk.

Origin Health is augmenting the capabilities of every clinician performing pregnancy scans with the knowledge of a specialist through their AI systems, bridging the gap in the quality of care delivered.

Clinically-led by 10 specialists from the UK, Singapore, and India, they are democratizing quality prenatal care to every pregnant woman around the world.

Meet the Founders


Jens has a background in investment banking and a is a repeat entrepreneur. He has advised some of the largest healthcare operators for the execution of investment banking transactions across Asia. Prior to this, he founded his own visualization technology startup which has scaled to more than 20 countries.


Sripad has a PhD in developing AI algorithms for medical imaging from NUS with over 20 journal and conference publications. He has also worked with healthcare systems in Singapore, UK, and India and co-invented ‘Digital-Staining’ – medical image segmentation algorithms. Sripad has over 8 years of experience in computer vision and AI.

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