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Alex Dalyac

CEO, Tractable

Razvan Ranca
London 3

Alex holds a Masters Degree (Distinction) in computer science from Imperial College London, and has previously worked in a hedge fund and in business development for Rocket Internet. He left a PhD in Machine Learning at Imperial College London to join the programme.

Alex's story

“I actually first applied for Entrepreneur First while I was an undergraduate. I was really inspired by how the programme was helping people like me break into start-ups.

I got through to an interview, but missed out on a place because while I could hustle, I didn’t know enough about technology – yet,” recalls Alex.

“I was compelled by the idea that software was the one thing you could build in your bedroom, and use to serve millions of people. So, I went to Imperial and did a conversion course in Computer Science. A year later, I applied again and got in.”

Having joined us a year out of his Master’s, Alex is now CEO of a company that’s raised $50M+ in VC funding, employs 100+ people globally, and has helped settle $1B+ in claims.

We've gotten to a place in our careers that could have taken us 20 or 30 years in just 5, by simply deciding we didn’t want to wait. EF gives you that opportunity to accelerate your life and do what you really want to.
- Alex

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