Mohammad Danesh

CTO, Transcelestial

Rohit Jha
Interests / background:
Hardware, Satellite Technology, Wireless Technology
Singapore 1

Mohammad Danesh has a PhD in Nanophotonics from the National University of Singapore and 10 years of experience with electromagnetics and optics. His research in Graphene Plasmonics enabled manipulation of light & matter interaction on a nanoscale level. He has designed and built photonic systems for A*STAR, Sumitomo Electric Labs and FUNSOM Institute, and has published 10 papers in major photonics journals, including Nature.

Danesh turned down an offer from Cambrdige to join Entrepreneur First’s Singapore cohort, where he co-founded Transcelestial with Rohit Jha.



A space data network using lasers to transfer data at up to 1000x faster
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