Reza Katal

CTO, Green Li-ion

Green Li-ion
Leon Farrant
Interests / background:
Energy, Engineering, Environmental Science

Dr. Reza Katal is a passionate creator with industry exposure to waste management and treatment, and a PhD from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at National University of Singapore.

He began researching on electronic waste recycling (with a focus on lithium batteries) two years ago, and worked as an advisor for lithium battery recycling in battery companies including ARAMIS ATIK SU (Turkey). This experience led him to develop Green Li-ion’s novel battery rejuvenation process technology.

He has over 40 publications with 1050 citations, and is writing a book chapter on E-waste Management for ‘Circular Economy and Sustainability: Solid Waste Management’, to be published by Springer – Springer Nature (under revision).


Green Li-ion

World-first deep-clean technology to fully rejuvenate lithium-Ion batteries.
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