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Shehroz I. Hussain

CEO, Forthgrid

Interests / background:
Aerospace, Astrophysics, Manufacturing
Toronto 2

Shehroz Hussain is a skilled professional with knowledge in the space industry and automotive manufacturing areas. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and has experience working at SpaceX, Tesla, and Kepler Communications.

While at SpaceX, he was responsible for the final Launch Vehicle assembly and integration. He worked on over 20 orbital launch vehicles during his time, producing a rocket a month and leading the integration of the block five vehicle class.

As Head of Production at Kepler Communications, he designed and commissioned a production facility in under five months capable of producing 120 satellites a year. This was critical in enabling Kepler to become the nation’s largest satellite operator.

He is passionate about manufacturing and the applications of space technology to continue to build a more exciting future.