Theo Saville 

CEO, CloudNC

Chris Emery
Interests / background:
3D printing, AI, Engineering, Hardware, Manufacturing, Robotics
London 5

Theo is a Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineer (M.Eng, University of Warwick), with a background in weapons development, advanced laser-based metals 3D printing research at Warwick Manufacturing Group, and sales.

Theo entered metals 3D printing expecting to be able to harness a technology ready to disrupt manufacturing, but gradually became disillusioned with the state and future applicability of the technology.

He was exposed to CNC machining around the same time and realised the disruptive potential if it could be automated to the same degree as plastics 3D printing. Theo was recognised in the 2019 Forbes 30 under 30 in Manufacturing & Industry.

Theo's Story

“I studied Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Warwick, and knew that I wanted to be leading a company that tackled key problems in those industries.

I could have spent years working in industry and working my way up, but ultimately I knew where I wanted to be. EF offered an opportunity to ‘fast-track’ my journey, and get to build the business I wanted there and then. That’s why I decided to apply.”

On our cohort, Theo met his co-founder Chris, and together they built CloudNC, which is using groundbreaking AI to autonomise manufacturing processes end to end.

CloudNC has raised tens of millions in funding and is the first to achieve autonomous manufacturing in CNC machining – a $168Bn industry that today relies on huge numbers of expert machine operators.

By joining EF, I went straight from a Master’s student to CEO. I was able to use the potential I already had, and benefit from guidance, mentorship and an amazing network of people to make the business a success.


Researching and applying breakthrough AI methods to control milling machines.
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