Tommaso Federico Demarie

CEO, Entropica Labs

Entropica Labs
Ewan Munro
Interests / background:
Biotechnology, Healthcare and Medicine, Physics

Tommaso studied physics in Italy before moving to Australia, Macquarie University in Sydney, to complete a PhD in quantum information theory. He then came to Singapore in 2014 to work as a Postdoc Research Fellow. At Entropica, Tommaso leads the business strategy and development of the company, all the while greatly enjoying the subtleties of team building, investors relationship and customer acquisition.

Tommaso loves reading about critical thinking, philosophy, history and science. In his free time, he practices yoga, pretends to train in boxing, and indulges in the awe-inspiring culinary scene of Singapore.


Entropica Labs

Models, algorithms and software tools to make quantum computing useful
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