1. Caroline Anjorin

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    Before joining Entrepreneur First, Caroline designed, built and deployed scalable asset-settlement systems as VP of Engineering at Goldman Sachs, where she built Marcus by Goldman.

    Caroline is now translating Asset Settlement Tech to media IP in order to unlock TV content ‘remix’ for GenZ and Ad clients with Bleep.

  2. Ygor Omar Francisco

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    Ygor launched multi-million dollar media businesses as Viacom’s youngest EMEA executive. As Head of Strategy, Distribution, Digital and Research, he doubled Viacom Africa’s Operating Income in 2 years, and launched TV channels across 48 countries, including MTV Nigeria, BET Africa, and MTV South Africa.

  3. Basilio Gentile

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    Basilio Gentilehas two Master’s degrees, including one in Electrical Engineering, and a PhD from ETH Zurich with a focus on mathematical algorithms for complex systems. He declined postdocs at Harvard and Berkeley to start Circuit Mind. His mastery of high-performance algorithms is at the core of Circuit Mind’s solution.

  4. Tomide Adesanmi

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    Tomide Adesanmi is an electronic systems engineer with a Master’s from the University of Leeds. He spent over four years building high integrity AR displays for pilots at BAE Systems. His expertise in complex systems design is central to Circuit Mind’s technology.

  5. Barney Hussey-Yeo

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    Barney holds a Master’s degree in Machine Learning from the University of Bristol and previously worked as a Decision Scientist at Wonga, analysing financial data.

  6. Anil Chandra Naidu Matcha

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    Anil holds an engineering degree from IIT Delhi and has experience at Samsung and Cisco. He has the specialised skill set of building large scale networking applications and developing machine learning solutions for mobile.

  7. Ankur Singh

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    With experience in content & gaming startups, Ankur has been building and selling products for video companies in the B2B space. He has built and scaled consumer apps to 30M+ users in less than 18 months.

  8. Gaurav Arora

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    Gaurav is a software engineer rated amongst the top 3% of 15 million developers on global freelancing platforms. He has designed customer loyalty and retention products for Netflix, growth hacked the 2nd most downloaded travel app in India (Ixigo), and has been technical head for multiple YC companies.

  9. Rathin Shah

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    Rathin founded one of India’s fastest growing clean-tech startups, and won multiple Government of India awards and grants, eventually leading to an exit. Previously, Rathin has worked investment banking and management at JPMorgan Chase. A graduate of BITS Pilani, Rathin turned down a place at Harvard Business School to join Entrepreneur First.

  10. Max Pagel

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    Max Pagel built his career on wireless networks, published award winning research on smart space interoperability and has experience working as a researcher on embedded systems at National University of Singapore and Technical University of Brunswick. He holds a Master’s Degree from Universität zu Lübeck, and has 13 publications in the field.

  11. Saikrishnan Ranganathan

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    Saikrishnan Ranganathan built home and enterprise energy solutions across 5 different industries in his last company. Previously, at Goldman Sachs he built software that processed huge amounts of trade data in real time.

  12. Chris Emery

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    Chris Emery has a master’s in computing from Imperial College London. He has been programming since he was 12, and started selling shareware when he was 15. He co-created “EventBox”, which was acquired by Realmac Software. He then worked as a software engineer at Google, before leaving and founding and selling Five Sided Software.

  13. Theo Saville 

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    Theo Saville has a Master’s in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Warwick. He has worked in weapons development, surveillance equipment development for policing and counter-terrorism, industrial 3D printing research, as a freelance engineer, and in door-to-door sales.

  14. Anshul Gupta

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    Anshul holds an engineering degree from NIT Jaipur and has experience in building AI-powered Computer Vision and NLP products for Fortune 500 Retailers and CPGs. In his previous organisation, he led the team to win the P&G Global AI challenge by beating 200 other startups.

  15. Zaraif Ayaat Hossain

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    Zaraif is a CPG insider – he was Head of Marketing at Pepsico’s first snacks franchise operation in the world. He has deep experience in dealing with the challenges of unorganised retail markets, designing and executing business strategies, launching products, scaling sales teams and delivering excellent business growth.

  16. Henri Mirande

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    Henri graduated from CentraleSupélec at only 20. Besides spending 2000+ hours playing Civilization, he worked in deep learning applied to 3D animation for Dynamixyz, a leading startup in facial animation. He also conducted R&D in computer vision at Essex university and for Dassault Systèmes 3D department.

  17. Yassine Emile Tahi

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    Yassine graduated from HEC Paris & Sciences Po. Besides being a huge fan of MMORPG games, he previously worked in strategy consulting where he led AI projects, and in VC where he invested in multiple SaaS businesses. He is also a community builder, and launched one of the largest tech recruiting events in France.

  18. Chouaib Meziadi

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    Chouaib holds a PhD in Plant Genetics from Université Paris-Saclay and a postdoc in Plant Epigenetics, with 10 peer-reviewed papers.

  19. Alexandre Reeber

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    Alexandre has a background in Biotechnology and Neuroscience, and experience as a project manager in the neurotechnology space. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Science from Universite de Strasbourg, and a Master’s Degree in Neuroscience from Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg im Breisgau.

  20. Maria Meier

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    Maria Meier holds an MSc in Software Engineering from TU Munich. She researched Distributed Databases at Oracle in Silicon Valley and Brown University, where a paper she co-authored won the Blue Sky Idea award. She then worked at startups in Berlin and built backends of 5 different databases.

  21. Ramakrishna Nanjundaiah

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    Ramakrishna Nanjundaiah holds an MSc in Computational Mechanics from TU Munich. He has built city-scale simulations, ranging from pedestrian dynamics to high-fidelity physics on supercomputers. He has worked at top automotive, aerospace and scientific architecture companies and labs.

  22. Leighton Turner

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    Leighton Turner is an entrepreneur and interdisciplinary scientist. Prior to joining Entrepreneur First to found Juno Bio, he worked as a Data Scientist, completed his PhD in Molecular Genetics at the University of Canterbury, and undertook a research fellowship at the University of Oxford.

  23. Hana Janebdar

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    Hana Janebdar has a background in biochemical engineering from Imperial and UCL. She previously worked in a microbiome optimisation laboratory, developing a patented approach to enhancing functionality.

  24. Mohammad Mobashir

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    Mobashir Mohammad is a wireless networking expert experienced in designing reliable communication protocols. He  won the National University of Singapore Research Achievement Award and the NEC Industrial Innovator Award during his PhD at the National University of Singapore.