1. Rob Bishop

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    Rob Bishop is an investor in Entrepreneur First, and an alumni of our programme.

    Rob graduated from Imperial College London and worked for a year as a software engineer before joining our third London cohort. Alongside co-founder Zehan Wang, who he met through our programme, he founded Magic Pony Technology, which used machine learning to build improved systems for visual image processing.

    The company was purchased by Twitter for $150m in 2016, and is now part of Twitter Cortex.

  2. Reid Hoffman

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    Reid Hoffman is an entrepreneur, product strategist, investor, and the Co-Founder of LinkedIn.

    After studying at Stanford and Oxford Universities, Reid worked for numerous high profile companies including Apple, Fujitsu and PayPal, where he served as Executive Vice President. In 2003, he founded LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, and continues to lead the company as Executive Chairman.

    Reid is an established investor in both seed stage and growth companies. He is a partner at Greylock, who work with entrepreneurs to build market-transforming companies. Their portfolio includes Facebook, AirBnB, Dropbox and Entrepreneur First.

    Reid currently serves on Entrepreneur First’s board. He has provided invaluable strategic guidance to our business, and has offered advice and thought-leadership to our founders at multiple EF events.