Asia 6| Creating 3D animation software designed to build the future of 3D content.


3D animation remains beyond the scope of most internet users today.

Existing software takes months to learn, offers little to no collaboration, and priced at north of $1500 per year. Open source alternatives have not fared better beyond price.

Our goal is to design software that enables people with limited 3D experience to create high quality 3D animations and content beyond traditional media.

We have built the world’s first 3D Human Kinematics system that runs on web browsers, and multi-person, AI-based motion capture from video. We have over 1000 closed beta users.

Meet The Founders


CJ was Head of Computer Vision at Dorabot, a robotics company recognized as a “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum. He has worked with notable scientists in computer vision and robotics, including Gary Bradski, Founder of OpenCV and Peter Corke, Professor of Robotics at QUT.


Cyril developed cloud infrastructures and helped modernise data architectures for FTSE 300 companies as a Cloud Computing Engineer. He has consulted on delivering Open Banking standards to large financial institutions. Cyril graduated among top of his class in Computer Science from UCL (University College London).

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