Asia 6| A bite-size learning platform that makes it simple for an expert to share knowledge and build an audience at scale.


People looking to learn in demand skills find offline expensive, whereas online learning means are passive, inefficient, and lack local context.

At Plutwo, we are building a new knowledge sharing economy where everyone with skills is incentivized to do bite-sized online learning sessions at a global scale, build their audience and directly monetize it. Plutwo views individuality as a feature and allows everyone to become an entrepreneur.

In the 45 days since our launch, we garnered 7000 learner signups. Over 500 experts are on the waiting list. And, we have conducted sessions with participation from 18 different countries.

Meet The Founder


Fatima Rizwan is a repeat founder. She solo-founded Pakistan’s leading technology media company TechJuice & bootstrapped it to 5M monthly active users. Its clients included the likes of Huawei, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, & Facebook.

Fatima is a software engineer and a graduate of the University of Engineering & Technology Lahore.

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