Real Analytics

Asia 6| AI-enabled land investing platform.

Real Analytics

Undeveloped land is the developing world’s largest investment asset and yet there is no unified source of market intelligence to enable data-driven land investing, a $50 billion market in India alone growing at 10% CAGR.
Real Analytics applies computer vision & data science to integrate over 150 sources of data including satellite images to provide market intelligence & connect all kinds of land investors to retail land owners.
Currently, we have 12 customers with avg landholdings worth $3 million. In 2 months, we expect to complete the PoC of the platform in a southern Indian city covering an area of 1 million acres with 2000 verified land listings.

Meet The Founders

Sachin has 12 years of experience in investment banking and financial services at top tier global investment banks where he led multi-billion dollar deals for real estate, healthcare and natural resources companies. He has an MBA from University of Michigan and a Mathematics (Hons) degree from St. Stephen’s College.

Nitin has over 4 years of experience as a lead data scientist in various Agtech startups where he led tech teams of 20+ members analyzing millions of square kilometers of satellite images and overlaying large data sets onto maps using computer vision and data science. He has a MTech and a BTech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Dhanbad.

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