Special Episode: Lavina Tien on Launching Entrepreneur First Hong Kong and the HK Startup Ecosystem

By Nasos Papadopoulos, EF Head of Content

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Today’s conversation is another special one focusing on another one of Entrepreneur First’s new locations. In it, EF Co founder and CEO Matt Clifford interviews EF Hong Kong General Manager Lavina Tien exploring her background and the Hong Kong startup ecosystem.

EF thrives in cities that are magnets for ambitious people around the world and Hong Kong is one the places at the top of that list globally. The city is full of exceptional individuals thanks to its leading universities, growing venture ecosystem and unmatched business environment.

In March 2018, the opening of the office in Hong Kong was announced and the first cohort started in July 2018, just six months later in January 2019, 7 companies emerged from Hong Kong 1 to pitch at EF’s Asia 4 Demo Day.

From underwater drones for ships to automating endoscopy and revolutionary data convertor chips to predictive analytics for buildings, the first Hong Kong cohort was an exciting sign of things to come.

Lavina is an entrepreneur with an extraordinary CV — with stints at Airbnb, Google and McKinsey among others. She’s also had over 8 years’ experience in the startup space specializing in Growth and Operations and even helped launch Asian operations for 3 global tech companies, making her a perfect fit for EF hong Kong.

In this episode Matt and Lavina discuss:

– Lavina’s background and why she was excited by EF’s mission
– The Hong Kong startup ecosystem and the opportunities in the area
– EF’s partnership with HAX, the world’s leading early stage hardware investor

This was a great conversation with some great insight into Lavina’s story and the Hong Kong ecosystem.

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