Asia 6| Fast fish analysis through advanced DNA sequencing.


Fish fraud is a $23B USD problem. This stems from an inability to accurately identify fish species in a fast and accurate manner. Spidfier solves this using the latest in nanopore DNA sequencing, providing a comprehensive lab-in-a-box identification solution for all manner of users, from custom officials and regulators to wholesalers and seafood purchasers.

Beyond identification, Spidfier also detects origin and other metrics that allow users to better access the value of their products, increasing their transparency, reducing their costs and improving their products.

Meet The Founders


An accomplished businessman and marketer, Harold left his successful agency startup in capable hands to tackle the ongoing epidemic of unsustainability and ecological destruction of the world’s seafood trade.

A Post Doctorate in Microbiology from Hong Kong University, Dr. Ahmed spent the last 8 years working on bat viruses; including Coronaviruses, with over 12 publications and 200 citations. He now brings his wealth of knowledge in DNA to create the next big leap in sequencing technology.

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