Opportunity: Ask our co-founders your startup questions

23 June, 2022

We’re offering the opportunity for early stage founders to be a part of our latest podcast, and have your burning questions answered by our co-founders.

In this series, our co-founders Matt and Alice will be offering advice to early-stage founders on how to maximise the value of their co-founding partnership, idea, raise and more.

Matt and Alice supported thousands of founders who’ve built companies worth billions of dollars, and this series aims to apply what they’ve learned to the challenges startups face at the very beginning of their journeys.

For the chance to take part, please either:

  • Fill in the form below to submit a letter to be answered on the show
  • Send a voice note* outlining the challenge or area Matt and Alice can advise you on to [email protected]

If you’re selected, you’ll receive Matt and Alice’s guidance before the episode goes live, so you can get to work putting it to action.

*By sending a voice note, you consent to it being played on the podcast.

Submit a letter

In the show, Matt and Alice will be reading letters from early stage founders, and discussing how they can overcome any challenges they’re facing.

You have the option to be named, or submit your query anonymously – however, we ask you to provide your name and email so we can get in touch if you’re selected. We’ll keep this private.


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