Data Science X Biomedical Science Summer School

22 March, 2021

The Francis Crick Institute, the Alan Turing Institute, the Sanger, and Entrepreneur First have come together to host the Data Science X Biomedical Science Summer Event Series.

Taking place remotely in July and free of charge, these two events are open to scientists with expertise in data science and/or biomedical science, who are curious about solving real world problems through entrepreneurship.

Data and biomedical scientists from across the UK will have the opportunity to explore what’s possible when using your skills, experience and insight through entrepreneurship as another potential channel to have impact with your science. Join us to explore the transition from scientist to founder and learn workable frameworks around entrepreneurship.

This event series is primarily aimed at biomedical and data scientists who have higher levels of qualifications such as a PhD or Postdoc, or are studying for one, and those based in the UK.

When? Tue 13th and 20th July, 5pm. Register your interest.

Look forward to gaining:

  • A renewed perspective on what’s possible when you use your scientific skills to create real world solutions.
  • An understanding of entrepreneurial frameworks from Entrepreneur First
  • An opportunity to develop novel ideas in the field of data-driven health with like-minded researchers from a range of disciplines.

This is for scientists who:

  • Are primarily PhD or postdoctoral researchers.
  • Want to explore another way to have impact through your science.
  • Want to develop new skills and creative ways of thinking.
  • Want to expand your network and connect with talented, like-minded scientists from a range of areas.
  • Want to learn from and get exposure to people you wouldn’t meet in an academic setting.
  • Are curious about entrepreneurship and digital health start-ups, or you have already decided to start a company.

You don’t need to be set on entrepreneurship, and you don’t need to have an idea, team or product to apply – just your curiosity and openness to new ways of thinking.

If you have entrepreneurial ambitions, this will provide you with a foundation and workable frameworks to move forward, whether that’s finding a co-founder or understanding fundraising. 

Sign-up here to register your interest – applications open soon.

Register your interest

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